Wanborough Horse Show

The Wanborough Horse Show has been running for more than 50 years and has grown from a small village show to one that is recognised throughout the county. Over the years the show has moved around the village and in 2015 we moved to our current one at
Ridgeway Stables on the road to Foxhill.

This years Horse Show is scheduled for Saturday 18 May and barring a couple of tweaks will follow the same format as last year show. DWe are continuing our affiliations with The Side Saddle Association and the Veteran Horse & Pony Club and are qualifiers for them. We are also allowing bit-less riders to compete under Bitless Showing UK rules in all bar the dressage​ and side saddle classes.

Wanborough Horse Show Classes

There are six rings of which two hold 13 jumping classes, catering for the very novice jumpers at 1’6″ up to the more experienced horses and riders able to jump 2’9″. Not to forget the dogs…we also hold a horse & hound class. If your horse needs a bit of support or encouragement, why not enter the pair’s class with a more experienced friend?

Please see drop downs for the 2019 Wanborough Horse Show Classes
Click on Ring to see table for Class details.
Before entering any classes, please read our Horse Show Rules.

Download the 2019 Horse & Dog Show Programme – COMING SOON

Enter Online Today (booking fees apply)

Entry Prices
Admission for spectators

£2.50 per adult (Children Free)

Free car parking available

Horse Show Entries

Entry fee for all classes excluding the dressage is £7.50 pre-entry and £9.50 late entry and on the day.

Entry fee for the dressage classes is £8.50 (pre-entry only).

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-entry for dressage by Sunday 12th May. Dressage times available on 16th May on-line, on Facebook or by phone between 7.00 and 9.00pm from Gill on 01793 330059

  • RING 1: Show Jumping

    9:30am start

    Please allow enough time to book in and collect you number.
    Ring 1 is sponsored by Central Horse News

    Class Number Class Description Starting Time (Approx.) Sponsored by
    10 Lead Rein Jumping 9:30 ….
    11 Under 12’s Jumping 10:15 ….
    12 Truly Novice Jumping 11:00 ….
    13 Novice Jumping 13:00 ….
    14 2’3″ Open Jumping 14:30 ….
    15 2’6″ Open Jumping 16:00 ….
    16 2’9″ Open Jumping 16:45 ….
    CHASE ME CHARLIE 17:30 ….

    Ring 1 is kindly sponsored by Central Horse News

  • RING 2: Working Hunter & Novelty Jumping

    9:30am start

    Please allow enough time to book in and collect you number.
    Ring 2 is sponsored by McGonnell & Gillatt

    Class Number Class Description Starting Time (Approx.) Sponsored by
    20 Open WH 9:30 ….
    21 Open WHP 10:30 ….
    22 Horse & Hound 11:30 ….
    23 Pairs Jumping 13:00 ….
    24 Novice WHP 14:00 ….
    25 Novice WH 15:00 ….
  • RING 3: Unaffiliated Dressage

    9:00am start

    Class Number Class Description Starting Time (Approx.) Sponsored by
    30 INTRO DRESSAGE A 9:00 ….
    31 PRELIM DRESSAGE 12 12:30 ….
    32 NOVICE DRESSAGE 28 14:15 ….
  • RING 4: Ridden Showing

    9:00am start

    Class Number Class Description Starting Time (Approx.) Sponsored by
    40 BTO 9:00 ….
    41 Ridden Hunter 9:45 ….
    42 Ex-Racehorse 10:15 ….
    43 Coloured 10:45 ….
    44 Lead Rein 11:15 ….
    45 First Pony 11:45 ….
    46 Family Pony 12:15 ….
    47 M & M 12:45 ….
    48 Veteran 13:15 ….
    49a S/S Best Horse/Pony 14:15 ….
    49b S/S Open Equitation 14:45 ….
    49c S/S Concours 15:15 ….
  • RING 5: In Hand Showing

    9:30am start

    Class Number Class Description Starting Time (Approx.) Sponsored by
    50 Youngstock 9:30 ….
    51 Best Condition 10:00 ….
    52 World Breeds 10:30 ….
    53 Dilute 11:00 ….
    54 M & M 11:30 ….
    55 Veteran 12:00 ….
    56 Coloured 12:35 ….
    57 Ex- Racehorse 13:00 ….
    58 Child Handler 13:30 ….
  • RING 6: Clear Round

    9:30am start

    Entry at ring side

    £3 per round or 2 rounds for £5, with a rosette for every clear round.
    There is no limit on entries per rider, horse or pony

Class Prizes

Trophies and prizes are awarded where stated (see classes/rings above).

Each class will award rosettes to 6th place, plus a keepsake trophy. Many classes also carry a returnable perpetual trophy and some have prizes. We will be awarding a Leading Rider Trophy and rosette to the rider who gains the most points in jumping, showing and dressage classes throughout the day. It may not be possible to announce this on the day, in which case they will be contacted soon after.

Wanborough Horse Show Leading Rider

Challenge Trophy to the rider accumulating the most points during the day

Helping out on show day

Wanborough shows are organisied and run by volunteers and we can always use an extra pair of hands, even if you can only help for an hour or two. You don’t need to be horsey as assistance is required with stewarding, parking and general admin. If you are able to spare some time and help our ever growing shows then please contact us.

Anyone who volunteers will be given a Health and Safety briefing, and food and drink.