Flower & Produce Show

The Wanborough Show is now only a few weeks away and we thought you might like a bit of advance warning about some of the special classes this year.

The gardens are struggling again this year from drought like conditions – lets hope that the longed for rain doesn’t arrive on Show day! This years’ schedule is quite traditional, with many categories being established favourites. We have included two categories of annuals again as we really want to encourage planting to encourage butterflies and bees – please enter some this year!

Once again this year you can create a living garden in the confines of any wheeled conveyance about the size of a wheelbarrow. It must contain plants and any other added materials to fit the theme. The theme for 2019 is ‘Earth’s Riches’, inspired by the theming from the Flower Art section, and with special thanks to Mrs Dorothy Baker, our judge for the Floral Art.

We’ve also introduced some new categories, We have continued the new ‘Tallest Sunflower’ class (to be measured the day before the show) – remember, categories are also open to children, and the tallest sunflower would be a great way to get young people growing . This class will remain in the schedule, so that you can prepare early next year.

After last year’s fabulous response, we really wanted to bring more new challenges to the Cookery section, so we have new challenges there too. We’ve continued with a liqueur to be steeped –this was really popular last year; I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone has a go at Parma Violet gin this time! There’s a Bake off style ‘signature bake’, a cake made with vegetables to your own favourite recipe; the ‘technical challenge’ is a vegan classic of aquafaba meringues (aquafaba is the liquid which canned chick peas are stored in, and really surprisingly makes fabulous meringues), the ‘showstopper’ this year is an illusion cake, which is a cake which looks like something else (for example cakes could look like books, plants, sports equipment – the only constraint is your imagination) We have also included a gluten free Yorkshire pudding category; gluten free flours used to be quite heavy, but the recipe included should make light and lovely puddings! As well as the new categories, the ‘old favourites’ were really well supported too, with an amazing 19 different Victoria Sandwich cakes presented for judging on the day – well done bakers!!

The photographic categories were really well supported last year; some of the entries were simply spectacular. This year we hope that categories are sufficiently broad to allow an equally wide number of entrants; the feedback from the public viewing the exhibits was really positive.

We’re really hoping to attract some new entrants with these ideas – but if you have any ideas yourself, please do drop in to the Show tent for a chat on the day. So looking forward to seeing you there.