Flower & Produce Show

The Wanborough Show is now only a couple of weeks away and we thought you might like a bit of advance warning about some of the special classes this year.

The gardens have really come to life now. The long winter we had seemed to hold everything back so that early and late spring flowers all came at once, and now the soil has warmed up, summer flowers are competing too. This years’ schedule has two categories of annuals grown this year from seed to reflect what you may be growing in your own garden; one of wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies, and one of bright jewelled colours. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous flowers entered.

Once again this year you can create a living garden in the confines of any wheeled conveyance about the size of a wheelbarrow. It must contain plants and any other added materials to fit the theme. The theme for 2018 is Jewels, we thought in late summer it would be fabulous to celebrate some vibrant and sparkling colours this year.

We’ve also introduced some new categories, like Wanborough’s best kept lawn. Our judge, Tony Glasscoo from the Wanborough Bowls Club, will come around and judge your lawn in the week before the Show, and if anyone knows about perfectly kept grass, it must be him! We also have a new ‘Tallest Sunflower’ competition to be measured the day before the show – remember, categories are also open to children, and the tallest sunflower would be a great way to get young people growing .

The committee really wanted to bring some new challenges to the Cookery section, so we have new categories there too. There’s a liqueur to be steeped – something like Rhubarb or Strawberry gin, or flavoured vodka or brandy. There’s a Bake off style ‘signature bake’, a cake made with vegetables to your own favourite recipe; a ‘technical challenge’, which is French macaron with a recipe provided (go on, you know you want to have a go!) and a ‘showstopper’ of a mirror glazed cake. We are really looking forward to seeing all the bright, shiny colours of the mirror glazed cakes. All quite demanding categories, but hopefully enjoyable to bake too.

We’re really hoping to attract some new entrants with these ideas – but if you have any ideas yourself, please do drop in to the Show tent for a chat on the day.

So looking forward to seeing you there.